An Isfahan city train line will be launched by June 1996

According to IRNA, Rasoul Zargarpour on Saturday during a visit and review of part of the Isfahan city train project added: with the completion of these two stations, the northernmost point of Isfahan (Ghods town) will be connected to the central part (Revolution Square) of this city with a length of 20 km He stated that in September of 1995, the hardening operations of these two stations will be carried out, and said: After that, the superstructure operation of the project will be carried out. It is active with 10 stations and takes passengers. Zargarpour stated: These two stations were stopped for a long time due to disagreements with the Cultural Heritage Organization, but in the last two years, with the formation of a five-member commission, one problem after another was solved and now In case of any problems, this commission will solve the problems quickly so that the work can continue. It is being done according to the schedule. The governor of Isfahan added: after the complete commissioning of this line, it can be said that the city train plan It has really helped the traffic of the city and the environmental issues of Isfahan. It continues to create more for the project. According to him, part of the traffic routes in the blocked streets due to the proximity to the metro project will be removed in the coming days, and this measure will remove some of the city’s traffic jams and facilitate the passage of citizens. According to him, the first line of the city train Isfahan should have been put into operation six years ago, but a period of several years was lost due to inconsistencies and disagreements. Has the approval of the Supreme Traffic Council of the country and for the approval of Baq We are also trying to do that. Mohammad Javad Sharabaf, emphasizing that the implementation of projects such as city trains requires a lot of financial resources, had clarified: the provision of these financial resources is not within the capacity of Isfahan Municipality and legal tools should be used for it. The first line of an Isfahan city train, after 14 years from the beginning of its executive operation, was put into operation in October this year in the presence of the Minister of Interior.

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