Electrical and interior repairs of Ghazal Chinese restaurant wagon by railway contractor Kian Sanat Shahbaz

Electrical and interior repairs of Ghazal Chinese restaurant wagon

Kian Sanat Shahbaz, the railway contractor, started all the maintenance projects, overhaul and operation of the generating wagon, passenger wagon and locomotive, the electrical and internal repair project of Ghazal Chinese restaurant wagon …

After the successful completion of the project of maintenance, operation and repair of 5 Chinese generators by this railway contractor and the satisfaction of the esteemed employer, Kian Sanat Shahbaz was once again trusted by the society and the railway industry of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Short and concise from Ghazal Iran, your chosen train

Ghazal train wagons each have 10 4-seater compartments with a total capacity of 40 passengers. The compact coupe of this train is a good choice for family trips; You can also experience a comfortable and enjoyable trip in the modern carriages of Ghazal train by buying mobile food.

Gazelle train compartments are equipped with audio and video systems with flat screen monitors, comfortable chairs and flexible beds, air conditioning system, folding table, messaging system; It should be noted that the stewardess coupe is equipped with facilities such as microwave, water cooler, refrigerator, telephone communication with the passenger, etc. Iranian and French toilets separately in each wagon and covering the wagon connection system with crochet curtains that act as insulation, make passengers more comfortable on the route.

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