Mohammad Hossein Sharafi Member of the Board of Kian Sanat Shahbaz

محمد حسین شرفی عضو هیئت مدیره کیان صنعت شهباز

Mohammad Hossein Sharafi

Chairman of the Board of Kian Sanat Shahbaz Engineering Company


Sample of completed projects

توانمندی ها

Work experiences

1385 - 1390

Tarak swzh pardis company

Chairman of the Board and representative of management in quality assurance
Director of maintenance of productive wagons and self-propelled trains

۱۳۸۳ - ۱۳۸۵

Desa Company

Manufacture of 7 660 volt generators
Repairs, maintenance and management of railway projects – power generators and transistors
Installation of Mazandaran wood and paper central post

۱۳۶۲ - ۱۳۸۳

Pars Wagon Manufacturing Company

Project manager, supervisor
Supervisor of electricity, energy center facilities, CO2 gas and oxygen production
Responsible for electricity and air conditioning of passenger cars and maneuvering locomotives
Responsible for the production of all electrical and air conditioning tests of passenger cars
Cooperation in the production of 5 maneuvering locomotives
Installation of fire alarm system for all paint cabins

Imam Khomeini Refinery

Installation of East Cooling Tower
Installation of cooling tower on the eastern site of Shazand refinery