Obtaining the quality management system certificate of Kian Sanat Shahbaz

Kian Sanat Shahbaz Technical and Engineering Company succeeded in receiving ISO9001: 2008 certification in order to increase the quality of its services.

The management of this company, after planning to improve the quality of its services, decided to standardize the services provided, including financial, operation, technical and customer relations, and in this regard, from the beginning of the year to review each The departments acted and standardized all the mentioned activities.
In this regard, by selecting a consultant with experience in this field, first comprehensive and complete studies were conducted in all departments and all existing processes were written and for each process forms were prepared to visit and document and the company staff to complete They took the forms.
ISO 9001 is applicable to any organization regardless of the type of activity and their size, and ISO 9001 certification indicates that the organization has established a quality management system in accordance with the wishes and needs of the customer.

ایزو 9001 شرکت کیان صنعت شهباز

ISO 9001 Kian Sanat Shahbaz Company

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