Kian Sanat Shahbaz

Maintenance, repair and operation of passenger and locomotive generating wagons

Kian Sanat Shahbaz

Design, construction, installation, assembly, commissioning, maintenance of fixed and mobile power plants

Carrying out all matters related to the supply of parts, design, technical advice, execution, construction, maintenance and repairs in the field of power generating wagons, passenger wagons, locomotives, fast wagons, freight wagons, steam wagons, bus wagons, etc.

پروژه مسافری کیان صنعت شهباز


1- Supply of parts, design and manufacture of production, passenger, freight and steam wagons as well as locomotives
2- Design and implementation of maintenance and repair systems
3- Design, construction and maintenance of fixed and mobile power plants

Ability and service

Repairs of hydraulic systems and execution and transmission of power of machines Design and manufacture of electronic voltage regulator (AVR) for generators Design and manufacture of control systems, precision instruments and warning signs of factories and depots Repair of analyzers ...

دریافت تندیس چهره های ماندگار صنعت ریلی. توسط مدیر عامل و پیمانکار برتر شرکت های حمل و نقل ریلی. جناب آقای مهندس مهدی شرفی.

Vision Statement

Vision: Gaining the position of the best and top contractor in the railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Mission: Observing the principles of quality services and turning customer needs into satisfaction
Values: justice, innovation, social responsibility, entrepreneurship


Our customer base consists of companies related to the railways of the Islamic Republic: Raja Rail Transportation Company, Mahtab Sir Jam Company, Jopar Passenger and Freight Trains Company, etc.

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Kian Sanat Shahbaz Provider of maintenance services and maintenance of passenger and locomotive generator wagons

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